GRINDZ Grinder Cleaner, 16 boxes

Grinder cleaner

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GRINDZ Grinder Cleaner to remove coffee residues inside the grinder casing and keep grounds fresh at all times. Use for regular cleanings as preventative maintenance and lengthen lifespan of burrs.

16 boxes, each box with 3 pre-portioned packs of 35 grams

Natural and completely food-safe.

GRINDZ cleans grinder burrs and casings and even removes flavoured coffee odours.

Only 35 g of GRINDZ is needed to clean espresso grinders, approx. 70 g to clean a shop grinder.

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Warranty Details

Repairs are meant to be executed by qualified technicians and trained staff, only. Only parts that comply with the original appliance specification may be used for repairs. Mistakes in opening or assembling the machine may cause injuries and/or damages and malfunctions. If the machine gets opened by an unauthorized person, the manufacturer’s liability and warranty will expire.

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