Corporate Design

As the “king of the grinders” the Mahlkönig brand proudly wears its crown inside the logo. The brand has been standing for quality leadership, spirit of innovation and for coffee passion for over 90 years. Only materials of the highest quality get selected with great care and assembled by experienced hands in order to become an original Mahlkönig coffee grinder.

The same level of quality applies to any means of communication for the brand. Therefore, we created a Corporate Design Manual for Mahlkönig, aiming to support dealers and service partners that represent the brand in their local markets.

The basic idea of a corporate design is the optimal match of defined fonts, colors and design elements on different materials and in different media. However, design guidelines are only as good as the consistency with which they are implemented. Therefore, compliance with this design manual is absolutely binding. This is the only way to create and preserve recognition value of all means of communication for the Mahlkönig brand.